Pejic Prose Update


I’m not even sure why I still have followers here!  But I’m appreciative.  With that said, a year later, without school on my plate, I want to try running this blog again.  The current male modeling scene was something I was only getting into at the time I made the tumblr, so I have a better grasp on personalities and information at this point, and therefore feel slightly more comfortable writing fics. If anyone wants to co-mod, let me know.  Also, submissions are certainly encouraged. 

On another note, I signed into this tumblr to find a few messages in the ASK box.  Thank you to everyone who asked a question.  It was nice signing in to see them.  Replies are as follows:

1.oh please oh please oh please write a story about rick genest and andrej peji.  Someone owes the tumblr world at least one Rick/Andrej fic and I am determined to deliver at some point.  Though late on my part, thank you.

2. Oh please, more Andrej x RJ stories ! The first one was amazing.  I’m glad you liked the first fic.  I was shaky on my male model fic legs, lol.  And definitely I will write something that is just RJ/Andrej.  

3. please write more stories with andrej and RJ. Thx for your blog !  Oh, thank you for reading it!  This is late, of course, but that is a particular pairing I can see making some interesting plot.

4.  Where are you and why did you stop writing your sexy stories ? We are dying to read more about Andrej and RJ. Please come back soon.  This was not soon, I know, lol.  Life was absolutely crazy for a very long time, and I apologize for disappearing.  Andrej/RJ is apparently a fave pairing, so I will try to focus on them as I start up again.  Thanks.

5. Where are you?? Did you quit writing your sexy stories?  For a while, I did.  I was cheating on the Andrej muse with Miles McMillan and other androgynous models.  I can only hope he’ll take me back. 

6. Please write more Andrej+RJ stories! Hope you will soon have more time to please your followers. The wait is killing us.  So many Andrej/RJ lovers!  And this is me just assuming people are still into that pairing.  I will assume so and get to making it up to my followers.  Thank you.

7. Whera are you? I miss your stories so much !!  I apologize for my absence and hope to produce a few stories that will make up for it. 

8. may i make a request for a andrej/rick genest fic? They make such a cute pairing :3  I agree, and yes, you may.  Rick Genest and RJ King will be featured in the two stories I hope to start writing ASAP.  Thanks!

(*Not sure who made the gifs, but assure you I would credit if I knew.  Love them.)

Apology for lack of posts.

Mid-terms have killed me lately.  Will try hard to get something up this weekend. 

Anonymous whispered: I'm so happy i found your blog.

Aw, thank you.  I’m happy you like it. 

Anonymous whispered: FEED YOUR FANS, FEED US NOW!

LOL!  I certainly will.  Thank you.

Anonymous whispered: More Andrej/RJ,please.

Will do!  Thanks.

Anonymous whispered: I am looking forward to anything featuring Andrej and Rick *-*

I’m definitely writing something involving the two of them!  Thanks for letting me know you have an interest in the pairing. 

Anonymous whispered: please, please write more stories. i loved the two one shots. please (: xx

I will.  I’ve been busy this week, but I’ll get something up this weekend more than likely.  Thanks!

RE: What would you like to see?

how about something featuring unicorns?

Sorry, only humans will be featured. There are several to choose from.

RE: What would you like to see?

I could try a fanfic for you :D I shall link it if and when I get it done.

Oh, that would be wonderful! I’ll be glad to post it up if you write it.

What would you like to see?

What would everyone like to see written here?  I’d love some ideas so I can keep them in mind as I write.  In the meantime, check out Spontaneous and Three’s a Party!  Thanks in advance for the help.