Pejic Prose Update


I’m not even sure why I still have followers here!  But I’m appreciative.  With that said, a year later, without school on my plate, I want to try running this blog again.  The current male modeling scene was something I was only getting into at the time I made the tumblr, so I have a better grasp on personalities and information at this point, and therefore feel slightly more comfortable writing fics. If anyone wants to co-mod, let me know.  Also, submissions are certainly encouraged. 

On another note, I signed into this tumblr to find a few messages in the ASK box.  Thank you to everyone who asked a question.  It was nice signing in to see them.  Replies are as follows:

1.oh please oh please oh please write a story about rick genest and andrej peji.  Someone owes the tumblr world at least one Rick/Andrej fic and I am determined to deliver at some point.  Though late on my part, thank you.

2. Oh please, more Andrej x RJ stories ! The first one was amazing.  I’m glad you liked the first fic.  I was shaky on my male model fic legs, lol.  And definitely I will write something that is just RJ/Andrej.  

3. please write more stories with andrej and RJ. Thx for your blog !  Oh, thank you for reading it!  This is late, of course, but that is a particular pairing I can see making some interesting plot.

4.  Where are you and why did you stop writing your sexy stories ? We are dying to read more about Andrej and RJ. Please come back soon.  This was not soon, I know, lol.  Life was absolutely crazy for a very long time, and I apologize for disappearing.  Andrej/RJ is apparently a fave pairing, so I will try to focus on them as I start up again.  Thanks.

5. Where are you?? Did you quit writing your sexy stories?  For a while, I did.  I was cheating on the Andrej muse with Miles McMillan and other androgynous models.  I can only hope he’ll take me back. 

6. Please write more Andrej+RJ stories! Hope you will soon have more time to please your followers. The wait is killing us.  So many Andrej/RJ lovers!  And this is me just assuming people are still into that pairing.  I will assume so and get to making it up to my followers.  Thank you.

7. Whera are you? I miss your stories so much !!  I apologize for my absence and hope to produce a few stories that will make up for it. 

8. may i make a request for a andrej/rick genest fic? They make such a cute pairing :3  I agree, and yes, you may.  Rick Genest and RJ King will be featured in the two stories I hope to start writing ASAP.  Thanks!

(*Not sure who made the gifs, but assure you I would credit if I knew.  Love them.)

Apology for lack of posts.

Mid-terms have killed me lately.  Will try hard to get something up this weekend. 

Anonymous whispered: Love, love, love. xD

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous whispered: FEED YOUR FANS, FEED US NOW!

LOL!  I certainly will.  Thank you.

Anonymous whispered: I'm so happy i found your blog.

Aw, thank you.  I’m happy you like it. 

Anonymous whispered: More Andrej/RJ,please.

Will do!  Thanks.

Anonymous whispered: I am looking forward to anything featuring Andrej and Rick *-*

I’m definitely writing something involving the two of them!  Thanks for letting me know you have an interest in the pairing. 

Anonymous whispered: please, please write more stories. i loved the two one shots. please (: xx

I will.  I’ve been busy this week, but I’ll get something up this weekend more than likely.  Thanks!

RE: What would you like to see?

how about something featuring unicorns?

Sorry, only humans will be featured. There are several to choose from.

RE: What would you like to see?

I could try a fanfic for you :D I shall link it if and when I get it done.

Oh, that would be wonderful! I’ll be glad to post it up if you write it.